Donations to help Rick Wilson Get Elected

I have won the nomination for the UCP party for the Wetaskiwin - Maskwacis area. In the next provincial election I will be the candidate running in this area. Our goal is to get Alberta back on track and create a business friendly environment where Alberta can once again prosper with as little Government interference as possible.

Some of the things the UCP will be doing immediately after the election are: repealing the carbon tax. Repealing bill 6 (farm worker’s WC). Implementing a flat tax (stop punishing people for being successful). Eliminating as much job killing regulations as possible so investors once again feel Alberta is the place to invest in.

I am reaching out to the community to help me with my campaign. The NDP have put a maximum contribution of $4000. Per individual /year and are watching us closely that we don’t exceed that limit. We can no longer accept corporate donations so it has to be a personal donation. Your donation will be used for signage, office expense, and advertising. You will get a receipt that is tax deductible. If you can help that would be awesome. These local direct donations will STAY in the area vs UCP donations going to the provincial party.

Thanks for your consideration,

Cheques can be made to: Maskwacis-Wetaskiwin UCP and mail to Rick.

Got any questions? Just call me (780) 312-3006